about us

who we are

We are Thalwiler and want to bring our dream of compatibility between family, friends, leisure and work under one roof and share it with you.

With ecus. we want to make everything possible for you and for us! -workstations close to your home, childcare close to your work and a lifestyle where you can combine family, friends, leisure, sports, enjoyment and work in your everyday life, saving time and long ways commuting.

We are pioneers on the left coast of Lake Zurich, sharing a vision that will soon be taken for granted everywhere.

Join us in Thalwil!


our vision

We at ecus. want to break through old patterns and structures in order to live in a modern system with all the advantages that are so urgently missed in professional and private life.
We have set ourselves the goal that everything can be possible, a lifestyle during the week, between work and right after work, alone, with family or with friends.


ecus.community has made it its business to create a place where people can grow together, learn and benefit from each other; -sharing know-how so that everyone has the chance to live a life full of fulfillment and endless possibilities.

Be part of our community and live your unique life with us!




Would you like to become part of our project?

- Any ideas, that turn our intention bigger or do you rather enjoy staying in the background and support us with a cooperation?


We are seeking people and local companies, that want to work with us with joined forces to achieve something big. That wand to place their brand and firm with us and bring benefit to the community.



Thanks to our partners, we have already achieved what is closer to our every day dream. Through a unique community we are able to grow beyond ourselves, both professionally and privately. We want to support our partners and grow together, so that we can all achieve the desired success, namely to achieve great things together.

Be part of it as a partner, consultant or sponsor.


We are looking for you! In the coming months we want to expand our team and are looking for trained specialists. For summer 2021 we also plan to hire apprentices to complete our project.

We are looking forward to your application!