Thalwil survey

Take part in our survey and decide what Thalwil needs in relation to our ecus.coworking project to become successful.

Thanks to your help, we have been getting ideas in the last few months about what we and Thalwil need in the future and are currently looking for the perfect partnerships that make all this possible.
Do you also have wishes, visions or ideas that we can realize?

The survey should give us an insight into where current deficits within our project can be seen, what wishes the people in Thalwil and the district of Horgen have and what services are needed to create a healthy work-life balance in Thalwil and the surrounding area in the future.

Take 5 minutes of your time and answer our questions. But much more important: Take the chance at the end of the questionnaire and tell us in the last question what you would like to see for Thalwil related to ecus.coworking.

We are looking forward to your input!